Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're Getting There!!

We've hit $102 collected so far! Thanks so much to everyone who's donated already and to those of you who have helped out by purchasing something from Rose! I'm going to add the profits from those sales to our tally as soon as she wakes up and tells me how much to add. So, actually, we've raised more than $102.

I've had a number of people offer fundraising suggestions, which is awesome! I absolutely love suggestions, so if you have one, please feel free to get in touch with me or Viv at either of our shops, facebook or even just leave a comment here.

One of our favorite suggestions thus far is that a number of you mentioned you'd like to donate a portion of your sales or the profit from a particular item to Rose. We wouldn't mind this in the least! If you'd like to make your donation this way, I absolutely encourage you to and I will feature anyone who tells me that they'd like to do this on our team blog! Just leave a comment with the link(s) to the item(s) that you'd like to donate some profits from and let me know how much of the profit you'd be donating and Viv or I will feature it in a blog post!

Thanks again everyone,


hdawnparratt said...

I got a few sales from my sale i'm having so I donated some, I wish you all the best and hope you raise the money real soon :)

love ya all :)

Grandma62 said...

Its on my blog. i twitter it. and as soon i can i will donate again. So lets hope i sell a lot:-)

daniii♥ said...

Thanks guys!

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